• This is a company that has the liability of its members limited to amounts that they respectively undertake or guarantee to contribute to the assets of the company in case of liquidation.The company is also not permitted to make profits, for example social enterprises, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), churches and charities

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      Applicant may purchase a set of prescribed regulations and a set of Form 3A from the in-house bank or via Download

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      Provide Consent letter from certified auditor by the Institute of Chartered Auditors and must be registered as a Sole Proprietor/Partnership

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      A minimum of two directors/executive members is required. Each must submit Statutory Declaration & Consent Letter with the registion Form

      A minimum of one subscriber required.

      Secretary (Corporate Body Acting as A Secretary/ Individuals) required.

      Private Company Limited by Guantee can have 2 to 50 members

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      Form 3A must be witnessed by Commissioner for Oaths/Notary Public/Self-Declared

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      Submit filled forms at the Company Registration Counter for Verification and Capturing or via Online

      Pay processing fee of GHS270.00 at the in-house bank or via Online

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      The Registrar issues:

      Certificate of Incorporation

      Certified Copy(CTC) of Standard/Registered Constitution of the Company

      Certified Copy(CTC) of Form 3A

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      File Annual Returns at Fifty Ghanaian Cedi(GHS 50) together with Audited Account